‘RIGHT’ small hand carry bag
Samantha Lee

‘RIGHT’ small hand carry bag

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● 23cm x 30cm x 4cm

● A Zentangle Inspired Art product, words embedded with tangle patterns on a small hand carry bag

● Multi-meaning word, ‘RIGHT’ /raɪt/ adjective morally good, justified, or acceptable adjective true or correct as fact adverb to the furthest or most complete extend or degree noun a moral or legal entitlement to have or do something noun opposite of left verb restore a normal or upright position 对 。正义 。权利。向右 。

● Suitable for casual wear and match with all outfits

● Thick cotton/linen cloth with rough texture

- Prop(s) not included


Terms & Conditions


Valid for pick-up @ Ren Ci Community Hospital, L2 carpark

(71 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore 329562) 


Available for courier service

(chargeable @ $5, unless above $100 spent)